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Robert B. Wilson


Selected Working Papers and Publications

"Dissertation, 1963"

Electricity Markets

"Alternative Pathway to Electricity Market Reform: A Risk-Management Approach" with Hung-po Chao and Shmuel Oren, September 2005

"Interface between Engineering and Market Operations in Restructured Electricity Markets" with Hung-po Chao, Shmuel Oren, Alex Papalexopoulos, and Dejan Sobajic

"Reevaluation of Vertical Integration and Unbundling in Restructured Electricity Markets," July 1, 2005

"Restructured Electricity Markets: A Risk Management Approach," July 1, 2005

"Supply Function Equilibrium in a Constrained Transmission System," April 15, 2005

"Karl Borch Lecture, Risk Management in Liberalized Electricity Markets," NHH, October 29, 2004 

"A Middle Way for Utilities in Liberalized Markets," partial draft, October 2004

"Resource Adequacy and Market Power Mitigation via Option Contracts" with Hung-po Chao, March 18, 2004

"Supply Function Equilibrium in a Constrained Transmission System," Operations Research, 56(2), March-April 2008

Game Theory

"Stringent Criteria for Rational Strategic Behavior," Jean-Jacques Laffont Lecture, 2010

"Axiomatic Equilibrium Selection for Generic Two-Player Games," with Srihari Govindan

"Axiomatic Theory of Equilibrium Selection for Games with Two Players, Perfect Information, and Generic Payoffs" with Srihari Govindan

"On Forward Induction" with Srihari Govindan, Econometrica, January 2009

"Metastable Equilibria" with Srihari Govindan, INFORMS, November 2008

"Essential Equilibria," PNAS, 102(43), October 2005 with Srihari Govindan

"Sufficient Conditions for Stable Equilibria" with Srihari Govindan

"Refinements of Nash Equilibrium," The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd Edition with Srihari Govindan

"Axiomatic Justification of Stable Equilibria" with Srihari Govindan, 2004

"Characterization of Hyperstability" with Srihari Govindan, 2004  [dvi]

"A Global Newton Method to Compute Nash Equilibria," Journal of Economic Theory, 110(1), 2003, with Srihari Govindan 

"Direct Proofs of Generic Finiteness of Nash Equilibrium Outcomes," Econometrica, 69(3), May 2001, with Srihari Govindan

"Maximal Stable Sets of Two-Player Games," International Journal of Game Theory, 30(4), 2001, with Srihari Govindan 

"Admissibility and Stability" in Understanding Strategic Behavior: Essays in Honor of Reinhard Selten, 1997

"Equivalence and Invariance of the Index and Degree of Nash Equilibria," Games and Economic Behavior, 21(1), October-November 1997, with Srihari Govindan

"Uniqueness of the Index for Nash Equilibria of Finite Games," Economic Theory, 10(3), Fall 1997, with Srihari Govindan

"Uniqueness of the Index for Nash Equilibria of Two-Player Games," Economic Theory, 10(3), Fall 1997, with Srihari Govindan

"Computing Simply Stable Equilibria," Econometrica, 60(5), September 1992

"Iterated Polymatrix Approximation" with Srihari Govindan


"Existence of Equilibria in Auctions with Private Values" with Srihari Govindan. Stanford, GSB Research Paper No. 2056, 2010

"Existence of Equilibria in Auctions with Interdependent Values: Two Symmetric Bidders" with Srihari Govindan. Stanford, GSB Research Paper No. 2057, 2010

"Sequential Equilibria of Asymmetric Ascending Auctions: the Case of Log-Normal Distributions," Economic Theory, 12(2), October 1998

"Strategic Analysis of Auctions" in Handbook of Game Theory, 1992

"Bidding" in The New Palgrave: A Dictionary of Economics, 1987, reprinted in The New Palgrave Selected Reprints, 1989, and The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance, 1992

Mechanism Design

"Short Course On Nonlinear Pricing," October 1999

"Nonlinear Pricing and Mechanism Design" in Handbook of Computational Economics, 1996

"Design of Efficient Trading Procedures" in The Double Auction Market: Institutions, Theories, and Evidence, 1993

Market Design

"Efficient Intertemporal Allocation of Risk and Return" with Eiichiro Kazumori. Stanford, GSB Research Paper No. 2055, 2009

"Strategic Models of Entry Deterrence" in Handbook of Game Theory, 1990

"Multi-Dimensional Procurement Auctions for Power Reserves: Incentive-Compatible Evaluation and Settlement Rules," Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2002, with Hung-po Chao

"Architecture of Electric Power Markets," Econometrica, 70(4), July 2002

"Implementation of Priority Insurance in Power Exchange Markets," Energy Journal, 18(1), January 1997

"Efficiency Considerations in Designing Electricity Markets," report to the Competition Bureau of Industry Canada, March 1998

"Activity Rules for An Iterated Double Auction" in Game Theory and Business Applications, 2001

Click here for a link to print a copy of  "Efficient and Competitive Rationing"
Go to Econometrica, then to Vol. 57. (1989), Issue 1, Jan., 1989.


"Private Information and Legal Bargaining" in The New Palgrave Dictionary of Law and Economics, 1998

"Negotiation with Private Information: Litigation and Strikes" in Frontiers of Research in Economic Theory: The Nancy L. Schwartz Memorial Lectures 1983-1997, Econometric Society Monograph Series, 1998

"A Model of Efficient Discovery," 1997

"Signaling in Negotiations and the Role of Incentive Compatibility" in Wise Choices: Games, Decisions, and Negotiations, 1996

"Bargaining with Private Information," Journal of Economic Literature, 31(1), March 1993

"Theories of Bargaining Delays," Science, Vol. 249, September 1990, with John Kennan