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Working Papers

Personnel Economics, with Edward P. Lazear, July 2009. Abstract

Firm/Employee Matching: An Industry Study of American Lawyers, with Scott Schaefer, November 2010. Abstract

The Returns to Attending a Prestigious Law School, with Scott Schaefer, June 2009. (Link coming soon)

American BigLaw Lawyers and the Schools that Produce Them: A Profile and Rankings, with Scott Schaefer, November 2010. Abstract

Managerial Incentives and Value Creation: Evidence from Private Equity, with Phillip Leslie, November 2009. Abstract

Who Benefits from Tax-Advantaged Employee Benefits?: Evidence from Parking, with Michael D. Grubb, September 2009. Abstract

Can Employee Benefits Ease the Effects of Nominal Wage Rigidity?: Evidence from Labor Negotiations, August 2005. Abstract

Discretion in Executive Incentive Contracts, with Kevin J. Murphy, June 2003. Abstract

Downsizing and Corporate Restructuring: A Case Study, December 2002. Abstract


Last update: November 2010