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Jennifer L. Aaker




Research Papers and Publications

Meaningful Choice (2014), Aaker, forthcoming in Journal of Consumer Research

Getting the Most Out of Giving (2014), Rudd, Aaker, and Norton, JESP [+more]

Money in the Bank: Feeling Powerful Increases Saving (2014), Garbinsky, Klesse and Aaker, JCR [+more]

Key Differences between a Happy Life and a Meaningful Life (2013), Baumeister, Vohs, Aaker, Garbinsky [+more]

Awe Expands People's Perception of Time and Enhances Well-Being (2012), Rudd, Vohs, and Aaker, PS [+more]

How Happiness Impacts Choice (2012), Mogilner, Aaker and Kamvar, JCR [+more]

Cultivating Admiration in Brands (2012), Aaker, Garbinsky, and Vohs, JCP [+more]

If Money Doesn't Make You Happy, Consider Time (2011), Aaker, Rudd, and Mogilner, JCP [+more]

The Shifting Meaning of Happiness (2010) Mogilner, Kamvar and Aaker, SPPS [+more]

Non-Profits Are Seen as Warm and For-Profits as Competent (2010), Aaker, Vohs and Mogilner, JCR [+more]

The Time versus Money Effect (2009), Mogilner and Aaker, JCR [+more]

Why Do People Give? The Role of Identity in Giving (2009), Aaker and Akutsu, JCP [+more]

Recalling Mixed Emotions (2008), Aaker, Drolet, and Griffin, JCR [+more]

The Happiness of Giving: The Time-Ask Effect (2008), Liu and Aaker, JCR [+more]

Time Will Tell (2008), Mogilner, Aaker and Pennington, JCR [+more

Getting Emotional about Health (2007), Agrawal, Menon and Aaker, JMR [+more]

Do You Look to the Future or Focus on Today? (2007), Liu and Aaker, OBHDP [+more]

Delineating Culture (2006), Aaker, JCP [+more]

Bridging the Culture Chasm (2006), Briley and Aaker, JPP&M [+more]

Understanding Regulatory Fit (2006), Aaker and Lee, JMR [+more]

When Does Culture Matter? (2006), Briley and Aaker, JMR [+more]

Two Roads to Updating Brand Personality Impressions (2005), Johar, Sengupta, and Aaker, JMR [+more]

When Good Brands Do Bad (2004), Aaker, Fournier, and Brasel, JCR [+more]

Bringing the Frame Into Focus (2004), Lee and Aaker, JPSP [+more]

Can Mixed Emotions Peacefully Co-Exist? (2002), Williams and Aaker, JCR [+more]

Off Target? Changing Cognitive-Based Attitudes (2002), Drolet and Aaker, JCP [+more]

Consumption Symbols as Carriers of Culture (2001), Aaker, Benet-Martínez, and Garolera, JPSP [+more]

Culture-Dependent Assimilation and Differentiation of the Self (2001), Aaker and Schmitt, JCCP [+more]

I Seek Pleasures, We Avoid Pains (2001), Aaker and Lee, JCR [+more]

The Pleasures and Pains of Distinct Self-Construals (2000), Lee, Aaker, and Gardner, JPSP [+more]

Accessibility or Diagnosticity? (2000), Aaker, JCR [+more]

Non-Target Markets and Viewer Distinctiveness (2000), Aaker, Brumbaugh, and Grier, JCP [+more]

Additivity versus Attenuation (2000), Aaker and Sengupta, JCP [+more]

The Malleable Self: The Role of Self-Expression in Persuasion (1999), Aaker, JMR [+more]

Empathy versus Pride: The Influence of Emotional Appeals across Cultures (1998), Aaker and Williams, JCR [+more]

The Effect of Cultural Orientation on Persuasion (1997), Aaker and Maheswaran, JCR [+more]

Dimensions of Brand Personality (1997), Aaker, JMR [+more]